36" x 36"  Oil on Canvas


It is officially Spring. Finally. Who knew a winter could last so long or be so cold. I love winter and all it brings- festive holidays, snow and fires in the woodstove, clear skies and pale colors, but it creates challenges as well. This winter in particular it has been just too cold to paint outside, despite my system of insulated coveralls, fingerless gloves, and fleecy hats. I usually try to brave the weather, but when it’s so cold that your oil paints freeze, you know it’s time to try something else. And for me that something else meant painting in the studio. A new challenge and one that I haven’t tackled in a long time. But, as usually happens, breaking habits and taking on something new turned out to be both exciting and informative. I learned many new skills over the past few months- how to invent, how to work from photos in an engaging as opposed to stiff way, how to work on paintings longer and build up multiple layers as opposed to my typical Alla Prima approach. It has been enriching and the work as grown because of it. However, I can’t wait to get back outside. The smell of wet dirt, the buds starting to glow red on the maple trees, the new warmth in the sunlight. It is all so invigorating. Check back to see the new pieces and for info on my upcoming show in May!